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5-IAI Chemical Analysis

5-IAI Analysis - 24th August 2010

This is a proton (1H) NMR Spectrograph, and the comments below it are from an independent scientist who kindly analysed the graph for us.

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5-IAI Proton NMR



"The 5-IAI: quite an old NMR machine (100MHz?) - nevertheless it looks good to me, and reasonably pure. The large peak stems from the solvent change, they used MeOD, the water peak comes at ~4.9, probably together with the ammonium protons, assuming its hydrochloride, the about same shift but unequal pattern of the 2 CH2 proves the asymmetric nature of 5-IAI (contrary to the symmetric MDAI!), the CH is also there though not split as sharply because of the NH3+ neighbour (and probably because it's not a 300MHz machine); The aromats fit as well, two doublets (the H's on carbons 2 and 3) plus a singlet of the "lonely" H on C6- proves the right substitution. Of course one can't tell if the substitute is really Iodine from just this! And I'm only assuming the counterion to the NH3 is Chloride. Theoretically one could deduct the substituent with NMR tables but I'm unsure if they even exist for indans..."

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