Just a quick update for scientific researchers;

Update 1) --- Without wishing to pre-empt our (UK) Government's very important and dilligent processes into these matters, it seems likely that the regulatory situation in the UK regarding some of the current established synthetic cannabinoid research chemicals is likely to change imminently (in the next few weeks or maybe sooner), and sadly, probably to the detriment of many of our scientific customers' research programmes, especially those who aren't fortunate enough to hold the relevant Home Office licenses, it means they may have to conclude their research into these important compounds prematurely in the worst case scenario.

The possible outcome of the Government's (again) very dilligent reviews, is that following any such potential changes, maybe one or more of these chemicals will not be able to be studied by researchers in the UK who don't hold the required Home Office licenses. This of course also means that we would not be able to continue to stock them. Stay tuned to BRC for the latest updates on this over the coming days.

Should it be announced that the UK regulatory status of any our stock chemicals is changing at short notice, then there will be big group deals running and therefore fantastic pricing to clear our remaining stocks of those chemicals and thus help enable our scientific institute and home chemistry hobbiest customers to complete their research programmes into these chemicals prior to any regulatory changes coming into force.

Some of our customers are fortunate enough to hold Home Office licenses, particularly those in the Forensic sector,  so it isn't such a big issue for them other than they will have to find new and licensed suppliers for such compounds if they end up being restricted, because we will not be able to stock them in those circumstances .

As our customers would expect there are new and novel chemicals in this category in the pipeline to enable them to continue their research into new cannabinoid compounds within the boundries of the law.

Update 2) ---- 4-MeO-PCP - apologies for the delays with this chemical. The first stock batch that was received failed QC, it was not up to BRC standards, less than 90% pure and has been disposed of. However we have now received a sample of material that is very pure, over 97% and are confident that the supplier can deliver a larger batch at the same quality. Lead time on this larger batch is another month unfortuantely, but at least soon there will be high purity 4-MeO-PCP available to the scientific community at last. There may also be news very soon on one or two other new arylcyclohexylamines.

Update 3) ---- IAP - after endless delays, we hope to have some stock of this chemical in the next 2 weeks. All samplees who were promised a sample will receive one!

Update 4) ---- On a more light hearted note, it's our Queen's Jubilee celebrations next weekend and so we will be running a 10% discount sale in honour of this historic event, starting from Monday! God Save the Queen! Wink Laughing