I have a very large backlog of applications for Intermediate and Advanced customer status to get through due to being very busy recently, so apologies to those who have made good applications but not had a reply for a number of weeks.

I do not have the time to reply to the applications that are not acceptable, but will process and reply to successful ones ones over the next few days, and clear the backlog.

If you haven't had a reply to an application request by the end of this coming weekend then it is likely due to either:

-Not enough information was given about your proposed research / experiments - it is not good enough to merely ask for access to the rare chemicals, you have to explain briefly (or in detail if you wish) what kind of experiments you intend to perform.

-Applications that state, imply, or hint to research activities that are prohibited under our terms and conditions. Make sure your planned research is acceptable under our terms and conditions and that you state this in an unambiguous manner.

-Applications that refer to "feeding plants" with the rare chemicals (!) - however, this does not preclude genuine botanical-chemical research but such applications will need to contain more specific detail to be taken seriously.

-Applicants who have not first registered an account on the website. It is not a pre-requisite to have ordered before, but you must register a regular account first, it takes two minutes.

-Applications that indicate that the researcher is not based within the EU. We only ship to EU countries (with the exception of Sweden) so please don't apply if you reside in Sweden or outside of the EU because we cannot ship there anyway.

More info and examples of (real) good and bad applications can be found on this older blog post (and note that some people have tried to plagiarise the good example - of course such applications will not be accepted!)


Thanks and apologies once again for the long delay some applicants have experienced.