Just another bump of this old post originally posted February 2012, to remind newer customers of some important information:


Recently we have seen a worrying rise in people emailing, phoning, etc and asking or making highly alarming statements or questions, that imply dangerous research activities prohibited by our strict terms and conditions of trade. This is of serious concern to us so I wish to re-state our policy as a responsible supplier of chemicals about how we deal with this kind of thing.


-If we receive communication from a customer or potential customer or from a random person or organisation that from their words gives us reason to believe that they intend to use the chemicals in a prohibited manner or divert the chemicals outside of a legitimate research context, then we will cancel any current or outstanding orders that haven't yet shipped, and will be unable to accept any further orders or engage in future communication with them. The chemicals we supply are laboratory chemicals, analytical standards, and reagents and are not approved for in-vivo research, and for very good legal and safety reasons. 

Here are some REAL examples of recent communications that caused me grave concern about the senders' intentions,  and will mean we cannot do business with the person;

"We've heard that Haze potpourri gives the same effects as cannabis" - (NO, no it does not give "effects". This material is NOT sold or intended for human consumption and must not be combusted. Do not buy these materials intending to break our terms and conditions.)

"Your Ethylphenidate batch gives crap effects compared with the stuff from ***** [supplier]"  - (Customer was banned because of implication of in-vivo research)

You get the idea........

Worst still:

"I want to order XYZ chemical but it is controlled in my EU country, I do not have an import license for it, so will you please label it as another chemical that is uncontrolled?" - (NO WE WILL NOT. We will not accept any such order or request. This is not only illegal, but it would be also be dangerous and unethical to ship mislabelled chemicals.)

On a last positive note, our customers include genuine private researchers, chemistry hobbyists, forensic / gov / public sector laboratories who need high purity and reliable reference samples, and also university departments and students whose research budgets are very limited and so it makes sense for them to purchase in-vitro ligands and lab reagents/samples off reasonably priced suppliers like us rather than off the traditional far more expensive chemical suppliers. But if you do not fall into these categories of customer, and/or cannot explicitly agree to our terms and conditions in their entirety, then please do not order.