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Lets face it, there are chemical suppliers who are currently selling low quality or completely different chemicals to what they're labelled as, and have thus brought the industry into disrepute. This has also, understandably, led to a serious lack of trust amongst scientists and researchers with regard to suppliers and their purported products.


How many times do you see an RC website with a list of compounds, all miraculously stated as each having a purity of exactly 99.8%? How likely is that their lab or labs have manufactured each of the compounds to exactly the same purity of 99.8%? Quite simply, this just doesn't happen in the real world, and these figures are usually completely fabricated. In any case, if someone is selling a random junk compound as for example "MDAI" or "5-IAI" then the purity is effectively 0%!


Buy Research Chemicals UK are trying to start a trend of suppliers publishing proper analysis of their products and you can find ours below. In addition to us performing our own due dilligence tests, we will always publish analysis of our products where possible. You will not see any made up purity figures here, and if the scientist who analyses the spectrographs for us says there is an impurity present then we do not hide this (in the real world, there are always impurities, you will never get it to 100%).




DeschloroEtizolam Analysis (uploaded 6th September 2014)

THJ-2201, THJ-018, IAP Analysis (uploaded 16th January 2014)

Methoxphenidine Analysis (uploaded 6th December 2013)

MPA, Diphenidine, and bk-2CB Analysis (uploaded 2nd November 2013)

BB-22 NMR Analysis (uploaded 18th August 2013 )

Nitracaine and BIG crystal Ethylphenidate NMR Analysis (uploaded 18th August 2013 )

N-methyl-2-Aminoindane NMR analysis (uploaded 18th August 2013 )

Diclazepam / 2'-chlorodiazepam NMR analysis (uploaded 17th August 2013 )

5-EAPB Hydrochloride NMR analysis (uploaded 5th July 2013 )

Mebroqualone NMR analysis (uploaded 30th April 2013 )

5F-AKB48 NMR analysis (uploaded 26th February 2013 )

3,4-dichloromethylphenidate NMR analysis (January 30th 2013)

Ethylphenidate Powder Chiral NMR Analysis (November 28th 2012)

GW-501516 Analysis (November 13th 2012)

AKB-48 Analysis (September 28th 2012)

IAP Analysis (July 24th 2012)

Ethylphenidate Analysis (New powder batch, March 2012)

Etaqualone Analysis (Updated 2nd February 2012)

5-MeO-DALT Analysis (Updated 24th January 2012

Ethylphenidate Analysis (Updated 10th December 2011)

Camfetamine Analysis (Updated 10th August 2011)

Methiopropamine Analysis (Updated 24th February 2011)

MDAI Analysis (Updated 30th September 2010)

5-IAI Analysis (Updated 24th August 2010) 





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