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Etaqualone Analysis  2nd February 2012

BRC's Etaqualone is of confirmed structure and purity.


Our independent expert scientist makes the following professional interpretation of the spectra:

"Etaqualone NMR (in CDCl3, signal at 7.3ppm): as could be expected, the spectra is perfectly in line with structure. No visible impurities and the clean baseline allows one even to guess a purity of around 98%.


The aromatic methyl group comes at the expected 2.2ppm and the also aromatic ethyl group can be seen at 1.2ppm (3 H's) resp. at 2.45ppm (2H's), good.


The 8 aromatic protons are all there, in a wide range between 7.1 and 8.4ppm. Interesting is the multiplettic nature of the proton at 7.4ppm (and possibly at 7.5ppm), as is the CH2 of the ethyl. It can be suspected that this comes from the rigid nature of the molecule, allowing rotational isomers, plus giving an indirect hint to the nature and presence of the (otherwise hydrogen free) heteroaromate.



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Etaqualone 1H NMR Spectrograph


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