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Buy Research Chemicals UK - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of your business?


To supply specialised organic chemicals to private researchers, research  institutes, and the scientific community in general. Our customers range from amateur chemistry enthusiasts to profressional forensic testing labs.



Where are you based?


We're based in the UK.



What are your products used for?


Our products may only be used as laboratory reagents, for laboratory research and development purposes, and as GC/MS reference samples. They are strictly not for human consumption or for any form of in vivo research or experimentation, clinical trials, or any unlawful purpose.



Can I have a free sample of a chemical to check the quality before ordering a larger amount?


We're sorry but we do not give free samples out unless there is a specific promotion in which case it will be clearly advertised on the blog or appropriate category page. Our reputation for superb quality chemicals and customer service is well known, and in any case a customer would have no proof that a subsequent purchase would be from the same batch as a sample.



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I want to order some chemicals, are they legal in my country?


Sorry but we are not legal experts. It is entirely the customer's responsibility to ensure that the chemicals they order are not controlled in their country and if they are that they obtain any necessary licenses or permits that may be required by their authorities to import or use the chemicals in any way. We suggest you contact your own lawyer, customs agency, border force, or relevant government departments for advice.



I cannot get past the address section of the checkout, the continue button doesn't work, what's the problem?


We are currently experiencing a bug which only effects the latest versions of Firefox browser. It prevents you from proceeding at the stage of entering your billing/shipping details. We are working on a fix, but in the meantime we suggest you place your order with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or over the phone. Apologies for any inconvenience..



What do the different order status' mean when I log into my account to check my orders?


"Pending" - this means you have placed the order, we have received it, but we are yet to process the payment or haven't yet received the money in the case of bank transfer/wire.


"Processing" - this means that we have processed or received the payment. When your order is "Processing" it is soon to be packed.


"Packed" - this means that we have packed your order and it is ready to be shipped. You will receive a shipment email the same day.


"Complete" - this means that your order has been shipped and you should have received the shipment confirmation email.



I normally order from yourselves, but have seen this chemical at a cheaper price on another website, I prefer to do business with you because of your service and quality, but would you be willing to price match this cheaper supplier?


Alas, we are not able to price match cheaper suppliers. Our pricing is set at a level that reflects manufacture/material purchase costs, overheads, a reasonable profit for the 80+ hour weeks we put in and also sales tax. We're not the most expensive supplier and we're not the lowest priced either. We always look to reduce prices when possible, and in general terms prices do come down over time as manufacture costs tend to fall as sales volumes increase, but again, we do not price match cheaper suppliers.


Some suppliers aren't VAT registered so can afford to sell chemicals at a lower price, others have lower quality chemicals, some just have poor service and don't put the required hard work in, some charge more than us for postage and packing, and some don't have a clue about chemistry and don't spend a penny on researching and developing new and exciting chemicals like we do. The reason why you like to buy from us is because of the quality of the chemicals, the superb service, reliability, fast and friendly communication, great packaging, enquiries answered at 10pm on Sunday evenings etc - this is why our customers are happy to pay our prices - because they receive VALUE for their money.



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What methods of payment do you offer?


We offer payment via direct debit or credit card processing, UK bank to bank transfer, or international bank wire. Please note that we do not accept cash deposits directly into our account.



Is it safe to enter my debit or credit card details directly on your website?


Absolutely - our entire site is secured by 256 bit SSL encryption (not just the checkout) as can be seen from the padlock symbol on your browser, and therefore your card details are safe.



I want to pay with a Maestro card but your website is asking for a 4 digit card security code and won't accept my 3 digit card security code, what's going on?


Apologies, this is a known bug with the ecommerce platform that only affects Maestro cards. The way to get around it is to just enter a "0" and then your 3 digit code. We hope to have it fixed soon, but this works for the meantime.



I'm a European customer with a Euro bank account, can I send you the payment in Euros via bank wire to save on bank fees?


Yes that's absolutely fine. Please convert the total payment of GBP to Euros by using the exchange rate we give at the checkout.



Can you accept PayPal?


Sorry, no, PayPal do not permit the processing of payments for the chemicals we stock.



Can you accept cash in the mail?


Sorry, no.




I have sent you a bank wire payment from an EU based bank, it's been 2 days, has the payment arrived yet?


Sometimes EU bank wire payments arrive after one day, but mostly it takes between 2-5 days. If you have not had an invoice email after 5 days then feel free to send us an email to enquire. However afterr you place the order please also email us the name of the person whose bank account the money was sent from, if it is not your own bank account. Often customers use their friends' bank accounts to wire the money and if there is no reference number and we do not recognise the name on the remiter's bank account then we often cannot identify the payment.



Can you extend me a line of credit, I don't get paid until next week?


We did once do this to trusted customers, it worked very well for a long time, because most of our customers are serious researchers with good morals. But now alas, we cannot ship orders in advance of receiving payment, please do not ask as refusal may offend! Once bitten, twice shy...



Do you offer a cash on collection/delivery service?


We do not offer a collection or delivery service for retail orders.



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Where do you ship to?


We only accept orders from and ship to within the European Union (Except Sweden). If your country isn't listed in the drop down list at the checkout or account registration page then we do not ship there.



My country isn't listed, can you make an exception?


Sorry, we cannot.



What are your shipping options?


We have many options, please visit our shipping information page for full details.



I haven't received a shipment confirmation email even though I paid before 3pm UK time.


Your order has been shipped, but it may be early evening when we email your shipment confirmation email (with tracking number where appropriate). If you haven't received a shipment email by 8pm then please check your email junk folder, or log into your account to ensure your order status is "Complete" which means it has been shipped.



Its been several days and my order hasn't arrived, what can you do about it?


If your order was shipped via Special Delivery or via UPS Express and hasn't arrived the next day after you had your shipment confirmation email, then feel free to contact us.


For UK orders - if your order was sent via 1st Class or Recorded 1st Class then please email only if it hasn't arrived after 7 days.


For international orders - please contact us only if it hasn't arrived after 14 days from the day of shipping.


We cannot do anything before 7 or 14 days respectively unless your order was shipped via Special Delivery or UPS Express so there is no point in emailing us, you have to be patient, it does sometimes take a few days.


If your order hasn't arrived after 7 days (UK) or 14 days (International) then don't panic, please send us an email and we will look into it, declare it lost and re-ship for free. There is never any financial risk of doing business with BRC, you will always get your order. The only exception to this is if it is brought to our attention that your order was seized by your customs because you did not have the lawful authority to import it. 



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What is the best way to contact you?


The best way to contact us is via the website contact form or via email (support@buyresearchchemicals.co.uk). We will be introducing a support ticket system imminently which will improve support efficiency in general.



When can I expect a reply to my email or message?


Normally very quickly, even on weekends. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours if we're particularly busy or your enquiry is not urgent but most of the time you will get a response within 2 hours during Monday-Friday and within 8 hours on weekends, we hardly ever stop.



I'm trying to call you on your phone number but I'm getting no answer.


We can be very busy at times and unable to answer the phone, particularly in the 1pm-4pm period. If you have an urgent enquiry then the best way to get a rapid response is by emailing and including "URGENT" in the subject field.



It's been over 24 hours and I've had no response, what's going on?


If your email is just asking a basic question that is answered clearly in this FAQ section then we may not reply promptly especially if we're busy. We will always try to reply out of politeness but please double check this FAQ to see if it is already answered otherwise it will be assigned a very low priority.


If your message includes any reference or hint to activities prohibited under our terms and conditions of trade then your email will be deleted without reply.


However if you email did not fall into these categories then it's possible in rare circumstances that it got lost on the internet on the way over to us, or our reply got lost on the way back, or is in your junk folder. In which case please check your junk email folder and then feel free to re-send iof there is no reply there.



I prefer to use encrypted emails for reasons of commercial privacy, how can I contact you securely?


Our public PGP key can be found here. Please attach your own public key if you require the reply to be encrypted. Please note that regardless of whether your email is encrypted or not, we will delete without reply any email pertaining to acitvities prohibited by our terms and conditions.



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What is this "Invite Only" and "Customer Group" concept?


Some of the chemicals that we stock are either very rare, potentially challenging to handle in the lab, of interest only to a small subsection of our customers, or liable to cause problems if obtained by inexperienced scientific researchers. For this reason they are not openly available to the general research community, and we restrict access to purchase them.



What are the different customer groups?


For customers with a registered account on the website, their account is "General Customer Group" by default. There is also an "Intermediate Customer Group" who have access to moderately challenging to handle chemicals, and also an Advanced Customer group for the very rare, specialised or niche interest chemicals.



What restricted chemicals do you currently stock and which customer groups have access to them?


A list of most of the chemicals and their customer groups can be found on our Rare Chemical category page. Some of the rare chemicals might not be viewable on the list unless one is an Advanced Customer already.



How much do your rare chemicals cost?


To find out the pricing of the rare chemicals you must first apply for your account to be upgraded and then you will be able to see the pricing.



How does one apply to be upgraded to the Intermediate or Advanced Customer Group?


UPDATED RULE: WE ARE CURRENTLY ONLY CONSIDERING APPLICATIONS FROM CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE SOME KIND OF ORDERING HISTORY. Then you need to decide which group you wish to apply to and email us an outline of your proposed research or usage of the chemical(s). Only research proposals that adhere to our terms and conditions of trade are acceptable.



I've emailed you an application but haven't received a reply, what now?


Most likely because you are not an existing customer or have no ordering history. Or your email was along the lines of just "Hey, can I have an invite for your rare chemicals?" (not good enough, especially for the Advanced Group, please write at least a couple of sentences of what research or usage is planned) or was written in child like "txt spk" cuz i wnt sum of dat odt, or was ambiguous/hinted that the chemicals were going to be used outside of our terms and conditions.



Can I invite a friend to be upgraded?


No, only BRC can invite customers at our discretion.



I've spent hundreds of pounds with you over the last year and placed dozens of orders, can I be upgraded?


We really appreciate your loyal business, but we still need an intelligent application.



Why has my upgraded account been downgraded?


Upgraded customers whose research programmes into advanced chemicals appear to have ended due to not ordering any for several months may (or may not) have their accounts downgraded at my discretion and will have to make a new application at a time when their research programme re-starts.



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If you have a question not covered in this FAQ then please don't hesitate to contact us



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