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BRC Reward Points Info Page


BRC are introducing a Loyalty/Reward Point scheme for our customers.


Customers who register an account on the website, or existing customers who already have an account, will receive and accrue BRC Reward Points for various activities - e.g. for placing orders, referring friends, when referred friends place their first order, for signing up to our newsletter and also reviewing products purchased.


The customer can then use some or all of their accumulated BRC Reward points to discount later orders.


Please note that the BRC Reward Points scheme does not work for customers who checkout as Guests, so if you haven't already got an account on the website then please register one so you can start benefiting from it, and everyone needs to make sure they log in when placing an order!


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EARN POINTS - when you place an order:


For each £1 (inc VAT) spent on products when placing an order, you receive 1 BRC Reward Point.


Later, when it comes to spending/redeeming your BRC Reward Points to discount an order, each Point is worth £0.05. Hence, effectively it is like a 5% discount of the current order value to be used against future order(s).




A customer places an order for 5g MPA, total £60 excluding shipping costs. They therefore accrue an extra 60 reward points, worth £3.00, which can be redeemed whenever they want against a future order.


EARN POINTS - for registering an account:


Registering an account on BRC gives you the ability to earn and spend BRC Reward Points, as those who checkout as Guests cannot participate in the Reward Point Scheme. As an extra bonus just for registering an account, customers will automatically get 10 BRC Reward Points which can be used immediately to discount the current order.


EARN POINTS - for referring / inviting a friend to BRC:


If you invite a friend to BRC, and they register an account on the website, then you receive 10 BRC Reward Points


When your invited friend goes on to place their first order, then you will receive points equivalent to the value of 10% of their first order.




A customer invites a friend to register an account on the BRC website, this is done in their customer account area on the site, and their friend will receive an invitation email from BRC which contains a link for them to click which takes them to the website to register an account, if they want to.


When they have registered an account they automatically receive 10 BRC Reward Points, and the customer who invited them also then gets 10 BRC Reward Points added automatically to their account balance.


When the invited friend then places and completes their first order with BRC, for example, 5g MPA, £60, they will earn BRC Reward Points, equivalent to £6, i.e. 10% of the referred customer's order value. Please note this only applies to the referred friend's first order, not to any further orders.


EARN POINTS - for signing up to receive our email newsletter


If you are not currently a BRC newsletter subscriber then you will receive 10 BRC Reward Points for subscribing to it (use the sign up form on the main page of the website). Newsletter subscribers receive regular updates about new products and also special one-off promotions only available to subscribers so it's well worth signing up to receive it, not just for the 10 Points.


EARN POINTS - for reviewing a product:


If you order a product and later leave a review on that products website page, then you receive 5 BRC Reward Points. You can (obviously!) only earn points for reviewing products that you have actually bought in the past and there is a limit of 2 "points earning" reviews per day.


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How do I spend the BRC Reward Points that I have earned?


If you are a registered customer and logged in, and you have some BRC Reward Points on your account balance, then you are automatically given the option at the checkout to use some or all of the Points, if you wish, to discount that Points value off the current order being placed.



I've just placed an order for £100, but my points balance has not been updated with the 100 points earned for this order! When will I get my BRC Reward Points?!


BRC Reward Points earned when placing an order are only added to your balance when the order is moved from the initial "Pending" status, to the "Processed" status when the order invoice is raised. During the business day, this will normally be within one hour, but if you place an order at 8pm on a Friday evening then the points will likely not be added until Monday morning when your order is processed and invoiced.



How do I refer / invite a friend to register an account and place an order with BRC, so I can start earning some referral points?


It's very easy, simply log in to your own BRC account on the website, and in the "My Account" area, click on the "My Invitiations" link in the Account area menu, and follow the instructions. It basically entails clicking "Send Invitiations" button, entering your friends email address in the invite form, and then clicking the "Send Invite" button. From there, we will automatically send an email to your friend's email address explaining that they have been invited and to click a link to go to our website should they wish to register an account with us.



I've just cancelled an order prior to shipping and received a refund for the payment, but now the points I earned for it have been deducted, why is this?


If an order is cancelled/refunded then the BRC Reward Points earned for it are also cancelled. The flip side is that if you spent some of your Points balance to discount the order that was later cancelled/refunded, then you get these added back on to your balance to be used again in future, so its fair both ways.



I placed an order for 5g MPA, with Special Delivery 1pm shipping, total cost was £66.25, but I only received 60 BRC Reward Points, instead of 66.25 points, please explain?


BRC Reward Points only apply to the product cost part of a total order value, unfortunately we cannot give points for the shipping costs as well.



How does the BRC Reward Points scheme effect the 10% discount that customers get for paying by bank transfer?


The bank payment method discount is now reduced to 5%, because the points earned on an order effectively give another 5% anyway, so the net result is basically the same as a 10% discount, once the points earned have been used.


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