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Buy Research Chemicals UK provide the best customer service available in this market. Whether it's replying to emails rapidly, doing a requested late despatch after the daily cut off point, only waiting 7 days before re-shipping a non-arrived package (for free), or chucking in an extra gram on the very rare occasion that things don't go to plan, you will not find a more reliable and easy to work with supplier.

We may not be the lowest priced supplier out there, but you get what you pay with us - our products are very high quality, you have 100% confidence that a compound is what we say it is, and we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy.

BRC are the complete package, as demonstrated with our actions and also the feedback below from our customers.

Some other RC vendors also give good customer service, but ultimately most of them just follow BRC's lead, whether it's copying our product range or the seemingly ubitiquous "borrowing" of large sections of our website copy/content, that people are forever emailing to tell us about!

To go some way to prove our service, we have published below a small selection of the positive feedback that we regularly get emailed from our customers. Nothing motivates us more than when we receive such emails! (please note, names and locations are abbreviated to protect our customers' privacy and comply with data protection regulations).  





"Absolutely delighted with the speed of service over the easter holiday. Top quality research material as always. Thank you so much BRC! <3 Yours truly, Ciarán G - Northern Ireland - April 2014


"thank you very much! Once I found your website I’ve seen no need to shop my lab equipment some where else. No one is offering that kind of professional service you do! Thank’s for your quick reaction and of course for the extra gift" - Michael K - Germany - April 2014


"once again BRC team, a brilliant service as always, after two or is it three years of using your service,i have not had to compline once, the products have been of the highest quality. i little bit more than some other labs o the net, but the quality of the product is by far a lot superior. your staff are always there if i need advice or I've. made an error on my order. that's why i keep using you so just a big thank you, and keep the good work going.....Many Thanks Phil" - Phil A, Warwickshire - March 2014


"I would just like to say I am very impressed with your products...your crystal mpa is excellent quality yet your powder mpa is far better than **********.*** for example...I wish I had been paid the other night to try for the 4-ho-dalt sample with the order I've just placed. Thanks again Jon " - Jon C, Hull - February 2014


"Excellent service, communication, and product. Would have no hesitation in recommending and using again, many thanks" - Luke E, London - February 2014


"Dear supplier, thank you very much for your TOP SERVICE, second order from you ...ALL GOOD;) if you want i can post feedback on the website blog ,its my pleasure." - Lory A, Italy - January 2014


"You guys are awesome, customer service best by far - I used to think c********* gave service best, in terms of efficiency yes but going that extra mile for customer ie samples, money off, special deals etc, which going by my own sales experience (all be it not with rc chems as the product!) in fact raises profits!" - James D, Dundee - January 2014


"I've been dealing with your company for a few weeks now,I was a bit concerned at the beginning how your services would be,as I've used many company's like yourselfs in the past & been let down on quality & shipping dates!!! But you have been on the money with all orders.Thank you for your excellent services you've been great fairplay!i wouldn't go anywhere else now.Keep up the good work :) merry Christmas to all the team,be dealing with you again very soon.Kind regards...Phil..." - Philip B, South Wales - December 2013


"Halo,guys! I just got the order and wanna say thank you go dealing so fast and easy! Quality is incredible. see you soon. Best regards, Jim" - Jim, Belgium - October 2013


"Good afternoon, my first order from your site is a reason to keep your site as vendor, delivery took only 2 days, good quality, site is easy to use, so far no need or experience with contacting(since all went well), so 10/10, assuming support is as good as the rest." - Ramon Z, Netherlands - October 2013


"Thank you very much as well as great products you are a champion of customer service. Thanks again" - Paul, Galashields, UK - October 2013


"I have just recieved my package. Thank you for processing my order so quickly, your service is by far the best I have come across so far in this industry. I will have already placed and paid for another order and will keep ordering from you in the future for sure. 10/10 !" - Benjamin, Slovenia, October 2013


"I just thought that I would write to you to give praise for the complete professionalism of the site, as well as the prompt response to my order which was despatched to me incredibly quickly. I will definitely be using this site again in the future, probably monthly. I will also be recommending the site to my responsible, mature friends who would almost certainly provide you with custom." - Craig, Manchester, October 2013


"Keep up the good work BRC. The customer service is excellent, never had a problem with an order and the product is always top notch. I have been using this site since November 2011 and would highly recommend it and I would highly recommend the 5-Meo-DALT and the 2-AI for your lab experiments." - Adam S, Suffolk, Sept 2013


"Hi BRC, Thanks for the excellent service. I can order from you with absolute confidence. Next day delivery too. Anywhere you want me to leave a review?" - Phil G, Sheffield, Sept 2013


"Feedback.Great company. Very reliable. Thanks for the great customer service.Top notch." - Wayne, Scotland, August 2013


"BRC are the only research chemical supplier I would even consider buying from - they are extremely responsible and professional with trustworthy, comprehensive stock, I feel in safe hands ordering from here, and the customer service is second to none. Orders are processed quickly, any problems or queries are handled efficiently and with a very friendly manner, and I am always left satisfied with my order. Big thanks to Julian and BRC." - Rosie, Bristol, July 2013


"I am blown away by your service, so fast so efficient my head is still spinning. Ordered tuesday arrived wednesday, wow. You actually inspired me to write my very first testimonial in many years of using the internet. After using many different sites for such products and being scammed, your site is like a breath of pure oxygen to me. Your web site is brilliant, very easy to use, I am hooked. Service and high quality products like yours deserve praise and loyalty, thank you for being there. You are obviously very customer orientated and I am now a loyal customer who will be back. Keep up the excellent service. :o) " - Dennis, Shropshire, May 2013


"Hello, For your records, I received my order, today. Very impressed by your work...(Quality, Information, Label, Safety, etc.) And very nice customer service (Thanks to Julian). All The Best, Jean-Francois" - Jean-Francois, France, May 2013


"You guys never fail to impress me. Thanks for getting this out to me today, A customer for life" - Jack, Hampshire, April 2013


"Hi Julian, Thanks - item received today - perfect service and product as always. More orders following shortly. Kind Regards, Chris" - Chris, Hatfield, February 2013


"Although I would not usually take the time to do this I thought I would let any prospective customers know that brc are the best and most responsible suppliers of research compounds in the uk that I have used so far. Health and safety is very important to any researcher and this is taken very seriously by brc much more so than many others. Excellent customer service and the best quality products I have found so far. Please bear this in mind when dealing with research compounds. Excellent and responsible work from Julian and the team. Brc come highly recommended. - Steve, North Yorks, December 2012


"After years of research and experience I can conclude that buyresearchchemicals is a great British Institution. They are essentially a national treasure because their emphasis is on the quality of the product as well as their service and it is refreshing to see a professional and responsible attitude with the use of articles and UK legalisation updates on the website. A truly original pioneer." - Leo, London, UK, December 2012


"After such excellent service and repeatedly receiving the very best quality research chemicals over the course of the last year or so, I felt I should write a customer testimonial. In simple terms, you can trust BRC to deliver top-quality, extremely pure chemicals every time you order. Almost every order I have placed, and there have been many, has arrived within 24 hours and email enquiries are always answered quickly and professionally. Any genuine researcher knows the value of demonstrably pure chemicals - and the need for a reliable service. BRC are and have always been the very best in the industry. Thank you Julian and team, Long may you continue to set the standard for others to try to live up to!" - Chris, Hertfordshire, Nov 2012


"No Worries Julian! Keep up the good work guys! Best service on the web." - Matthew - Wales, UK, October 2012


"BRC have done me proud in so many ways. 1. Very fast delivery where I live (next day), so if I order mid day I can predict when chemicals will arrive and be in for it. 2. Extremely high purity chemicals perfect for professional researchers 3. Dangerous chemicals that are difficult to handle require an application to obtain (Very mature when compared to websites that will sell dangerous possibly impure chemicals to anyone) 4. An extensive quality control check on each batch, along with advanced (published on site) diagnosis. 5. On the rare chance something goes amiss customer service is far beyond gold standard. 10/10" - Jace - Yorkshire, August 2012


"Thanks very much. Your polite and prompt emails and customer consideration is why BRC are number 1 !! " - Martin J, Manchester, May 2012


"Hi I realise how busy you are but I just had to say I was delighted with my last order." - Jason F, Scotland, May 2012


"Thanks to the BRC team for rapid service, I will definitely be using your site again. " - Dan C, West Sussex, May 2012


"I just wanted to give you guys a compliment. I've been using you as my one stop shop for my lab experiments all this year and now I wouldn't consider using anybody else. Your delivery is brilliant, customer service is second to none and occasionally I get a little bonus in my order in which I'm grateful. Keep up the supurb service, I have recommended you to other lab researchers." - Guy H, Berks, May 2012


"much thanks to you and your fantastic team cant praise you fellas enough" - Chaz, Cheshire, May 2012


"Dear BRC,

I love you, I love your products, your service and your ultra fast shipping ( 2 days to the netherlands ). Thank you for making the world a better place! Kind regards from a very happy customer from the Netherlands. I will never leave you!" - Sjoerd, Holland, April 2012


"Absolutely top quality product! I got a little worried cos normally my mail takes next day to reach, this took 3 which aint bad at all. Spoke to customer service got an instant response. Highly reccommended supplier, very honest, Kudos! " - Robert R. Kent, February 2012


"Best service out of all other RC vendor I have tried, a lot of effort is put in by Julian and Karen and huge respect is there! Phone always on, issues always resolved within the hour (unless understandably they are busy). Quality of products is exactly as stated, Not one fault so far on their part, and I've had quite a few orders.. Many thanks to the BRC team - Richard, Cheshire, 09/09/2011


"Excellent service in general, some of the best quality research chemicals i have come across, very fast order processing and delivery (even with the free first class service) and to top it of excellent customer service with quick email responses and more than willing to cater to any special requests. - Seb, East Sussex, 06/09/2011


"Would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you for your astounding service and top quality product. The internet is a vastly unreliable place and the RC scene even more so. A credit to you and your team for providing such an effecient and honest service. Will be recommending your site and products to all my fellow researchers. You have restored my faith in the RC scene. - Rob, Essex, 01/09/2011


"Greetings, I just wanted to thank you for your speedy service and top quality goods. I will definitely be recommending this site to my friends who are equally interested in researching such chemicals." - Ben, Warwickshire, 02/08/2011


"Dear BRC-Team,

Please read my mail as an testimonial from an very satisfied customer. I ordered some Methoxetamine together with some of your O-DT. Both substances are of outstanding quality. Just did my second order. You got a new returning customer, Please keep up your excellent work. You are one of the rare reliable sources in a sea of scammers." - Sven, Germany, 31/07/2011


"I submitted my order after close of business on Monday 25th July. It was processed Tuesday & arrived Wednesday 27th July in perfect condition." - John M Nottinghamshire


"B.R.C. is by far the most honest and first rate service in providing the chemicals you need and are struggling to find elsewhere either that or you're being conned by a gang of chancers who are like parasites feeding from the genuine suppliers. B.R.C are 100% honest and believe me once you have tried them they will soon become the only supplier you use. Thanks for all your hard work guys. 12/07/2011" - Matthew, South East UK


"I have researched your O-DT this day. The quality is awesome. Best quality i've ever purchased. Your shop is Great. Great delivery time, Great products, Great service, Great Quality. This won't be my last order. Very good !" - Jonas, Germany


"Not only are the chemicals supplied by BRCUK of absolutely outstanding quality, but the combination of lightning-fast delivery times and prompt and personal customer service makes this the only RC company I would choose to buy from. In short, BRCUK holds itself to standards virtually unheard of in modern retail, online or otherwise." - DM, Manchester


"Having recently purchased some of your Methoxetamine, I'd like to convey my thanks to Karen, Julian and the team for delivering yet another outstanding product." - Ross B, North Yorkshire


"Thanks Julian, brilliant service, best service I've had in the RC chemical world. Keep up the good work." - Chris M, Sussex


"Just a quick message to say thankyou for the excellent service I received from you. You kept me updated on the status of my order, it arrived the day after I ordered it and the quality is excellent. After experiences with some real online scumbags, I am glad to have found a reliable source of chemicals for my research, and I can safely say I will be a returning customer. Thanks again." - Kevin C, Worcestershire


"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer service, I will be recommending your website. The aMT I recieved was also the best we have had, we usually order from ******* or ******** but will be now sticking to your website." - Pat M, Scotland


"Hi, I have made the payment via bank transfer. If the shipping can be non registered that would be great. Can I just say that your service is amongst the best I have come across for Internet shopping. I will be making more orders with you." - Greg H, Merseyside, UK


"Received order today, you have given such exeptional customer service it is unbelievable amongst other internet vendors......Thanks again for confidence in your service, and as I said I'm not one for testimonials but I think you guys deserve it so use what ever I have said that you feel necessary." - Tony S, Herts, UK


"Order arrived safely at 10am. Thank you once again for fantastic first class serivce and for delivery half way across the country in less than 24 hours. Is there a place on your site were I can leave a comment on the good service you provide as its well deserved, the reason I ask is I have been let down and had very poor service from others and it's a relief to find a someone who is genuine. I will recommend to others by word of mouth also." - John M, West London, UK


"Many thanks for your first class customer service. I've tried other places and they are really a waste of time. Keep up your fantasic work and do not ever run out of stock please." - Adam G, Hants, UK


"May I say that I am extremely happy with the service you provide and the quality of product you offer. From a happy chappy!" - Dave H, Yorkshire, UK


"I received my order from you today and just wanted to pass on my thanks for delivering a top quality compound which is unlike anything I have researched with previous masquerading as MDAI or otherwise. A definite congratulations on finding a superb product and well done for having the strength to wait for a superior product where others would have (and have!) sold something sub-standard, impure or worse a completely different compound than that being offered. Thanks for your professionalism and service throughout." - Steve T - Notts, UK




Buy Research Chemicals is the number one choice in the UK for research chemical supplies and has earned a reputation as the most trusted online retailer bar none.

With more than three years experience in the fine chemical market and an unrivalled understanding of RC chemicals nobody is better placed to serve you.

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